Injury Prevention Tips When Raking Leaves

 The kids are back in school; the air is crisp and clean; pumpkins are everywhere. It’s officially fall. This beautiful time of year also calls for that dreadful task of raking leaves.

 Proper body mechanics are crucial to prevent injury of the back, legs, and shoulders while raking leaves.

 Follow these tips for an injury-free raking experience:

 1)    Like any type of physical activity, it is important to start with a warm up

2)   Once your muscles are warm, face the area which you will be raking so you’re not twisting and straining your back

3)   Keep your back straight and upright to avoid twisting and overextending your reach

4)   Put one leg in front of the other and switch your foot position every so often to minimize repetitive strain on one side of the body

5)   Keep knees slightly bent while raking and move your legs and not your back when changing the direction of raking

6)   Alternate hand positions and the direction you pull with the rake every so often

7)   Take frequent 10-15 minute breaks

8)   When picking up the leaves or the bags of leaves, bend at your hips and knees – not with the back

The key is to minimize any repetitive strain to one side of the body by avoiding excessive twisting and reaching motions

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