Physical Demands Analysis

Physical Demand Analysis is designed to facilitate the return to work of workers injured on the job to safe, meaningful and productive work. Injured workers are often able to return to work in some other capacity than their pre-injury job. For employers, it may be a challenge to find appropriate light duties, modified work or alternate work for those workers. Much of that challenge is trying to identify which parts of the job or which tasks a worker can perform safely out of their normal duties. Many job descriptions specify duties and responsibilities required of a job, but the physical demands and tasks are not likely to have been thoroughly identified or quantified. Without that information, it is very difficult for the medical community, supervisors and rehabilitation coordinators or claims staff to know which part of a particular job a returning injured worker can fulfill. Sometimes workers are inadvertently returned to a work that is unsuitable given their limitations, or not given the opportunity to work until they are 100% productive, because suitable work was not able to be identified given their particular condition.