Pilates is a versatile low impact workout that is improves flexibility and posture as it strengthens muscles. While it usually focuses on the core/trunk of the body it can also include exercises that target other muscles groups. Pilates often involves the use of a Reformer.

(Elizabeth Ivanic-Certified Pilates Instructor performing a side bend stretch on the SPX reformer)

This sleek and innovative Pilates machine provides a moving carriage which glides along a metal frame. 
There are adjustable springs that allow for progressive resistance and effective low impact stretching and toning which is friendly for the joints. It's an effective training tool for restorative, pre and post rehabilitation programs from beginner to the advanced. The Pilates reformer is offered in Private and Duet sessions for both Lifestyle and Rehab programs/classes.

Elizabeth offers Private and Duet Pilates sessions that are tailored to meet individual goals and needs.

Private sessions
Utilize all the equipment including the Pilates reformer

Duet sessions (2ppl)
Integrating the use of the Pilates Reformer and rolldown bar. Participants will circuit between the
two piece apparatus and integration of small apparatus will be utilized