Consistency Is The Key For Forming New Habits



Consistency Is The Key For Forming New Habits

Last blog was about how to get started with forming a new habit and this week it is about a very key ingredient in forming a new habit, which is – CONSISTENCY.

I have often come across success stories, whether it be Walter Elias Disney or  those of our patients – I have observed that they all attained  success due to their consistent effort - that could be making it big in the animation world  or being able to do that run or jump or play a sport. They always had their focus on changing their habits to a better one and never giving up.

Making a goal into reality takes determination, believing in yourself and hard work. Just NEVER GIVE UP!

You should always practice your actions consistently to achieve your goals. There is often some difficulty that you will encounter but  try to look at it as a challenge and push through it. The only way you will be unsuccessful in  changing your habit is if you quit. As long as you have made a plan and your efforts are consistent, success is bound to happen.

We all  know that there are no shortcuts to success or to change any habits. It is with determination, effort, consistency and a never give up attitude that we will  achieve it. Along the path of changing habits you might find drawbacks, failures, discouragement, but understand that these are just a normal part of being successful. When you face a setback ask yourself,  what brought it on? Can it be avoided going forward? Do I need help? Learn your lesson and keep moving forward. This entire process is called  FAILING FORWARD.

I would like to conclude this by saying that if you stay focused, concentrate your energy on staying positive and lastly be consistent in doing the new habit  you will get the desired result and the habit will become effortless to perform.