Safely WFH

How To Stay Healthy While Working From Home?

Over the last year, for many of us our home has become our work place and the change in the world has changed our lifestyle.

While enjoying the flexibility offered by work from home culture, it brings its own unique challenges. Our health being the most affected one.  The abundance of snacks readily available in the kitchen, lack of social stimulation and the various awkward positions of working around the house- like bed, couch etc. all present challenges to our health. 

Here are few tips to try and get the best out of WFH:

  1. Create a separate office space and sanitize it: Use a space that is separate from the bedroom for your office. Working in bedroom may interfere with your ability to relax completely and while working on your couch might result in difficulty to dissociate from work as it might create a mental obligation to work even during the off time. Hence, even if you have a tiny space try to have a small table and chair set up. Also, sanitize your work station whenever required.
  2. Move whenever you get a chance: Try to move around the chair or go up and down the stairs between meetings. It is advised to move after every hour, this will give you a small break and also allows you to get the stretch and helps to avoid mental exhaustion. Try having sit to stand work station, if possible.  Understanding and knowing a good stretch routine to help maintain good posture is an awesome tool to have while WFH.   We can provide this to you.
  3. Set a schedule and stick to it: Often with the flexibility of work from home, one can get lazy and set odd times or different time for work. Try to fix a particular time and stick to it as it will help to get the maximum benefit of the quality of work.
  4. Schedule workouts: Have a plan to work out for at least 30mins for 3-5 days. There are various routines available online to get you moving. This way you can get a break from your work routine and feel fresh.
  5. Get the right amount of sleep: It is very necessary to get enough sleep 7- 8hours depending on age and gender. The right amount of sleep increases the efficiency of your work and also allows to get your body well rested.
  6. Drink lots of water: staying hydrated keeps your muscles, joints and cells working properly and keep YOU performing optimally. 

BONUS TIP- fill up your kitchen with healthy snacks and maintain healthy work-life balance by logging your time and setting limits!!

We hope this was helpful!   If you are interested in more tips on your specific situation and how to prevent physical problems and those nagging aches and pains from getting worse, give us a call at 905-875-9393 or email us at altimaphysio@gmail.com.  Stay safe!