Shoulder & Neck Pain Prevention Webinar
Online, May 28th, 2020 at 19:00

Welcome to another edition of Altima Physio's online information series.   We specialize in helping people in their 40's, 50's and 60's stay active and mobile, with out depending on medications, visits to the Doctor or surgery.

Shoulder and neck pain can progress over time and be quite debilitating.   If left untreated, longer term issues can arise which will interfere with regular activities.   In some cases, nerve irritation can develop and lead to progressive muscle weakness, numbness and tingling and loss of mobility.  

To make matters worse, the use of cell phones, tablets, on frequent texting and scrolling on our phones usually puts undue and sustained stress in the neck and shoulder due to this posture.   Just watch the people in line at the store waiting outside- you will see at least a few people with their neck bent right down flipping through their phone.   That is stressful on the neck and shoulder.   We call it "Text Neck"!    

In this edition of the online information series, our Specialist Physio Richa Singh will be covering all things relating to proper posture, neck pain prevention, how to avoid the developing "the hump" at the base of the neck, how to protect and even reverse some of these changes, and the #1 secret posture exercise most people don't do regularly.  

These Info sessions are a great place to get more information, ask questions, and learn more about what you can do immediately to be proactive.  

To register, email info@altimaphysiomilton.ca.   In your email, please let us know what concerns you most about Neck and Shoulder pain from the following:

1.  Fear of reliance on medication

2.  Not wanting to lose mobility

3.  Not knowing what is wrong

4.  Other